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 We’re in the business of transformation. 
 We believe design should have purpose, provide clarity, 
 and inspire action.  
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Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no 
 one alive who is you-er than you.

-Dr. Seuss

What’s your story?

Your brand should be organic and authentic. We help you identify your truest traits and bring your brand to life.

A great brand has a message — one that is strong, distinct, and authentic. That message tells people who you are, what you think, and why you do what you do. It’s the emotional connection between you and your audience. We can help make that connection so your brand gets noticed and gets results.

Whether you’re a scrappy start-up, a well-established corporation or a nonprofit organization in need of a bold logo, an innovative website, a fresh advertising campaign or integrated corporate communication materials, we can help you build or refresh your brand for maximum impact. Our services include:



We practice a human-centered approach to problem solving. By combining intuitive ideation with analytical tools for the systematic development of a brand, we deliver actionable strategies for business innovation and growth.

Strategic Planning
Brand Development
Advertising - Print + Online
Information Architecture
Process + Project Planning


We work closely with each client to articulate and express their unique brand position through every touch point. Part art, part science, our design approach creates dynamic, enduring relationships between brands and their customers.

Logo and Identity Design
Website & UI Design
Books & Catalogs / Print + Digital
Marketing Collateral
Tradeshow & Event Materials


Our interdisciplinary teams include business and marketing experts, graphic designers, programmers, and engineers who create and build delightful experiences that connect people with brands. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Environmental Graphics
Interactive Development
Product Deployment
Wayfinding Systems

Stop, Collaborate and Listen.

- Ice Ice Baby

Work Smart (And Hard)

We’re experts at delivering successful strategy and design. But before we can do that, we need to know everything about you. It all starts with smart questions.


The most important part of our job is asking questions and questioning assumptions. So often, we go into a project with one idea of the problem we’re solving, only to learn that the real issue—and the real opportunity—lies elsewhere, often in something more relevant. We immerse ourselves in your company, philosophy, products and services, always asking ourselves what your audience needs and wants. By using empathy as a starting point, we create experiences that appeal to and connect with people. And that’s the key to your success.


No matter how obvious the solution may seem, we generate and explore multiple concepts. That’s because collaboration and shared perspective always yield richer results. When we consider opportunities rather than issues, it opens new pathways to stronger solutions.


We continue to refine each selected concept in order to assess its full potential. We may combine and integrate multiple ideas as part of the process. As we move toward the winning solution, we edit and enhance and iterate until we’re sure the job is done, and done right.


Our goal is to deliver extraordinary results and tangible solutions. And by this stage, we’ve taken the steps necessary to ensure success. With the problem solved and the opportunity fully realized, implementation happens when we move from the project realm into people’s lives. The result is a successful outcome grounded in business viability, market desirability and brand authenticity.

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Whatever you are, be a good one.

- Abraham Lincoln

This is us

At Morphos, our partners work on every project. We build teams of strategic and creative talent according to your project needs.
Morphos Partners HoMan Lee and Kristen Bouvier

HoMan Lee


At home in the boardroom and design studio, HoMan is known for the ability to bridge the gap between business strategy and creative implementation. With over 20 years of combined agency-side and client-side experience, along with being a business owner, HoMan brings a 360º approach to the business of design. Prior to joining Morphos, HoMan served as the creative director of worldwide marketing at National Semiconductor where he founded the in-house creative department. Through close collaboration with teams worldwide, HoMan designed and managed the company’s branding, advertising, marketing and communications. Previously, HoMan was an award-winning senior art director at several San Francisco agencies, where he worked with clients such as Cisco, E*Trade, Fidelity Investments, Pacific Bell, Peet’s Coffee & Tea,, Visa and Wells Fargo.

“I grew up on Oahu in Hawaii. While most of my friends were surfing and enjoying the island lifestyle, my family owned a vegetable farm where work was hard and the days were long. While very young, I recall looking into the fields of green onions when my sister said, “I wish we had a money tree so we could just pick it and have a better life.” My grandfather overheard this comment, and pointing at the green onions, sagely countered, “That is your money tree.” And he was right. The green onions put us through college and those humble plants were the foundation for our success. To this day, I keep an onion plant on my desk to remind me of my beginnings and the idea that we can do anything with simple resources, determination and passion.”

Kristen L. Bouvier


Kristen formed Morphos in 2002, after stints as a senior art director at several San Francisco advertising and design agencies. With a background in both sociology and design, Kristen provides a unique approach and understanding of human behavior, user experience, and effective communication. Working in close partnership with clients, she creates compelling brands through results-driven campaigns and initiatives. Her clients include Banana Republic, Gap, Genentech, Gymboree, Intersil and Roche. She also works with local nonprofit organizations including the Marsh Theater and the Sierra Club.

Kristen served on the board of the AIGA SF as the Social Impact Co-chair, developing tools to help designers make a positive impact in their communities and helping promote design for the greater good through the cause/affect design competition. She has co-chaired the cross-disciplinary San Francisco “Design Makes a Difference” Week, organizing workshops teaching the use of design thinking for business and social innovation.

“Born into a military family of doctors and nurses, I was raised to believe in volunteerism and absorbed a personal ethos of helping people. Growing up my first love was art, but In college, I studied sociology and psychology, which helped me think about communities and culture. Today, I’ve blended my personal commitments and academic interests with design expertise to help make a difference in the world. I believe in using my skills to help create social change and am dedicated to our philosophy of branding for a better world.”


Knowing is not enough. We must apply.

- Bruce Lee

Design is just language.

- Tibor Kalman

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