Cusp Communications

Consulting for a cause.

Cusp Communications is a consulting firm that enables meaningful and effective partnerships between corporations and community organizations. Offering expert strategy and insight, Cusp guides companies to create and operate community relations programs to produce the most valuable change for their chosen causes.

For their identity, we designed two curves that create a dimensional “C” representing both the partnership between Cusp and client and corporations with their communities. Individually the shapes are interesting but working together it achieves new dimensions for opportunities and greater effectiveness. We suggested adding a tagline “consulting for a cause” to focus on the key value proposition and differentiation factor that sets Cusp apart from other communication firms.

We designed their website as a responsive, one page scrolling site for easy navigation. To showcase the beneficial impact of Cusp’s work, images of happy students were used in the section breaks for a visual emotional connection. By helping Cusp, we also help the broader community achieve success.