Maxim Integrated

Transforming user experiences and accelerating time to market.

Maxim Integrated designs, manufactures and sells highly integrated, semiconductor-based solutions that can be found in today’s automobiles, consumer electronics, industrial and medical devices. Maxim not only specializes in creating innovative technology solutions, but also strives to deeply understand design engineers’ needs and help the companies they work for deliver products to market faster. One previous challenge in assisting customers in accelerating time-to-market was enabling product design engineers to quickly find the right Maxim products for their needs.

The goal was to create a website that enabled Maxim to effectively lead customers through the design process with added value at every step leading to increases in design wins and overall increase of revenue. With over 9,000 products on the website, we needed to improve the digital experience for everyone coming to the website, from customers, partners, to Maxim's own internal teams looking for recommended solutions.

Today, the newly launched website offers greatly enhanced end-user experiences, as well as integration with product information and greater ease in updating content. We developed a site that is now elegant and responsive by design, with content delivered optimally across multiple end-user devices. Now, components within a content library can be turned on or off to enable interactive digital experiences that reach customers on virtually any device, including smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

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User Interface & Information Architecture

Elegant, streamlined experience

Menus were designed with the principles of progressive disclosure for better user experience. On the redesigned site, a simple menu on the right side of the screen displays a variety of products that are tagged contextually which reduces clutter and helps customers find the right product information faster. Overall, the site is clearer and easier to navigate, with a more contemporary feel and intuitive user interface.

We are creating considerable competitive advantages by transforming the website experience for Maxim's customers and providing highly personalized, interactive sales materials that excite customers and salespeople. In the end, the re-designed site can accelerate their customers’ time-to-market.

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