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Maxim Integrated Brand Positioning

Positioning for growth - a new corporate messaging campaign

As a company evolves its strategy and product line to stay relevant, it also has to evolve what it tells the world about who they are and what they do. It was time for a new corporate tagline for Maxim. Maxim Integrated operates in a highly competitive space. Its customers demand strategic thinking, solutions that are ahead of the game, creativity that both meets and anticipates end user need. They want better, faster, smarter, slicker. And they want it now.

There is nothing static or pedestrian about this landscape. It’s dynamic, competitive and ever-changing. To succeed, Maxim must be similarly dynamic. Always poised to innovate. Immediately responsive to customers. Ever ready with answers to questions that haven’t yet been asked.

What Maxim does is design, manufacture, and sell analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

What Maxim makes possible are breakthrough technologies that drive design innovation, meet engineering challenges, and help customers get to market faster. That’s true empowerment.

That's Maxim Integrated.

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