Quintana Albert LLP

Attorneys for a better workplace.

Quintana Albert LLP is a San Francisco Bay Area law firm that is committed to helping people through dedication to legal compliance in the workplace and ensuring the fair treatment of workers. They seek to promote hope and dignity by helping small businesses satisfy all applicable laws.

Quintana Albert came to us to design their identity and website to establish their growing law practice. We built their brand personality on three keywords: Passionate, Committed and Clever. For their identity, we designed a mark that incorporates both a “Q” and an “A” in the form of an entwined ribbon. The ribbon represents the partners passion and commitment to fairness in the workplace for both employee and employers.

The colors were carefully chosen for their emotional appeal; the shades of green suggest vibrancy, serenity and growth while the dark grey represents the law and the seriousness of their client’s situations.

As a new law firm, the priorities of the website is to be clean, clear, and optimized for SEO. The site is designed to evolve as the firm grows, with plans for testimonials, blogs, and case studies.